Welcome to the first ever Tango No. 9 Newsflash!

We are really excited to have a new website. What’s Next has been helping us launch a brand new, much easier to use, and (hopefully) better site. Kat Nyberg & Zoli picked out a beautiful East Bay spot to have a photo shoot and got some fun pictures of the band, and now, finally, we hope to have a site that reflects who Tango No. 9 is now.

Who is Tango No. 9? Click around and find out. The newest member is Zoltan DiBartolo. Look here for an up-close and personal look at what makes Zoli tick.

Other hot news; for the next two weeks (June 2012), Isabel Douglass, member emeritus, will be visiting and playing with us. SO much fun, and so exciting. So many places to see us play. Check the gigs page for all the details.

Our last show was super cool. Our newest Sunday Jazz Spot….Bliss Bar in Noe Valley, which has live jazz every Sunday, except in July & August. We played there with Dmitri Matheny; who was on tour of the West Coast with a final show at Yoshi’s. We featured his piece, Sea of Tranquility, and he sat in for five tunes, but we just wanted more. Flugelhorn is really what tango has been missing, right? The mellow sound of his horn and Greg’s trombone was a lovely combo and top it off with violin, made for a memorable afternoon. We had fun trading solos, doing layered Dixieland style solos, which Tango No. 9 loves, and just playing a few charts down. His sound pushed us to try new things and in a more jazzy direction. Check out the photos below.

Upcoming fun things, upcoming cool gigs: Yerba Buena Gardens – come dance outside at lunchtime, downtown. (link to event), we open their season, what more can you ask for, right? Red Poppy Art House, one of our favorite places to play, a rare northbay appearance, a sweet Bird and Beckett show, part of the jazz and literature series in Glen Park and a performance for BA Tango in Union Square. Click here to find more



What is this?

An informal place for fans, musicians and people interested in tango to know more about what is going on in Tango No. 9-land and more about tango in general. Some ideas I have had: Greg once talked about writing a paper on Astor Piazzolla’s lovely but unusual piece, Coral, which we recorded on our latest album, Live at the Columbarium. I know that Alejandro Oyuela sometimes does lovely translations of tango lyrics or kindly creates small papers on various tango topics for our edification, and Joshua is always a wonderful wordsmith; or even just pictures of our latest shows, or what might be around the corner. For now, look for the next installment, ALL ABOUT ZOLI!