About the live set…

“Listening to Tango No. 9 tackling Piazzolla classics such as ‘Adios Nonino’ and ‘Marron y Azul’, it was easy to see that this ensemble has indeed fallen head over heels in love with tango.”

 - Ernesto Lechner, Los Angeles Times Read the whole review

“La dolce vita, Indeed!”
 - Adam Savetsky, San Francisco Bay Guardian Read the whole review

“As soon as we got settled, the music grabbed us by the emotional necktie and pushed us up against a sonic wall. Abandoning all desire for chat, we gave ourselves over to the music…”

- Hiya Swanhuyser, SF Weekly Read the whole review

About All Them Cats in Recoleta…

Picked as one of the most innovative new tango CD’s in 2002

- JAZZIZ Magazine

“Tango No. 9 has released a dazzling debut album. Perhaps the most passionate debut I’ve ever heard. And passion is what Tango is all about. …every track on the disc breathes emotion… Tango with a hint of jazz.”

- Franklin E. Wales, Rag Magazine Read the whole review

“French cigarette smoke from the heart of a dark Paris café comes pouring out of this album … the lonely sensuality of a bandoneon … the sexy slur of a trombone … the heartbreaking sigh of a violin and the therapeutic chords of a piano. If this quartet had a vocalist, she would have a whiskey voice and an angel’s body.”

- Chuck Graham, Tucson Citizen Read the whole review

“The group plays (Piazzolla’s tunes) with the vivacity and enthusiasm as if they were backing the master himself. Elegant, but with a wink, this San Francisco quartet offers lively Argentinean tango music with grace and fun.”

- Tom Schulte, Outsight

About Radio Valencia…

“Talk about tight! It is rare for a US-based ensemble to sound so internationally cosmopolitan; you’d swear they had honed their skills in Paris or Buenos Aires.”

Robert Kaye, Global Rhythm Magazine Read the whole review

“Imbued with grand dramatic gestures — weepy melodies, strapping rhythms, sweeping crescendos — the songs are black-and-white celluloid nostalgic, while the band’s instrumental combo of violin, piano, trombone, and accordion couples chamber music intimacy with jazz-band punch. The sum effect? A provocative, enlivening sound that’s good steamy fun.”

Sam Prestianni, SF Weekly Read the whole review