WHICH WAY WEST? Concert Series at Bird and Beckett Bookstore

Venue: Bird and Beckett Bookstore

Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm, Dec 2, 2012

Address: 653 Chenery St., Glen Park, CA, 94131, USA

‘Tis the season… To enjoy some luscious live tango music while checking off all of your holiday shopping!  Or while recovering from your sinful Saturday night… or while reflecting on that morning’s inspirational church sermon…  or all of the above.  Come on down to Glen Park’s adorably quaint Bird & Beckett record and bookstore.  http://www.birdbeckett.com


Bird and Beckett Bookstore

653 Chenery St., San Francisco, CA, 94131, USA


Your generous donation helps allow the shop to pay the band

All ages