Tango No.9 on KPFA Tonight! 10/17. 10PM. 94.1FM. Boom.

Venue: KPFA 94.1 FM

Time: 10pm, Oct 17, 2012

Address: Berkeley, CA, USA

In anticipation of next week’s big show at Piedmont Piano Company…

Tango No.9 is gonna get all up in your living rooms, cars, and laptops TONIGHT (Wednesday) on KPFA’S SING OUT.

94.1 FM or streaming live via:  http://www.kpfa.org/music-kpfa/sing-out

“Sing Out” is a showcase of the world’s ever-changing musical realm, hosted since 1989 by Larry Kelp. It was launched in 1974 by David Dunaway, author of the acclaimed Pete Seeger biography, “How Can I Keep from Singing.” The show’s theme song, “A Place in the Choir,” illuminates a disparate group of critters who come together harmoniously through music. The show attempts the same feat with a diverse array of recordings from Classical to the Clash, and live performers who have included Pharoah Sanders, Charles Brown, Iris DeMent, Dar Williams, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Grupo Raiz, Los Cenzontles, Patricia Barber, Fred Frith, and now… TANGO NUMERO NUEVE…