Summer of Isabel, Grand Finale: Tango No.9 Plays SFO!

Venue: SFO Terminal 1 Mezzanine

Time: 11am - 2pm, Aug 23, 2013

Address: San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California,

That’s right, we are so very sad to see our wonderful accordionist return to Europe, that we are following her to the airport and playing ONE LAST SHOW with her at SFO!   Terminal 1 Mezzanine, Friday August 23rd, 11am – 2pm.

Yes, it is open to the public– no, you don’t have to go through security.   And it’s free to boot!

BUT PLEASE NOTE:  Alaska Airlines and Southwest both fly out of Terminal 1, and they both have great deals to places with REAL SUMMERS, so why not book a flight to Hawaii for that Friday afternoon, and have a good old fashioned send-off with live music and friends?  Oh man, writing that just overwhelmed me with the travel itch…  dang.

ISABEL DOUGLASS, TAKE US WITH YOU!!!   First Class, s’il vous plait.