Time: 8:00 pm, Dec 1, 2012

Address: San Francisco, CA, 94110, USA

Tango Number 9 takes the Saturday night spot in Jolie Holland’s week-long residency!  We go on at 8:00 pm, followed by the soul-stirring Ms. Holland at 9:00 pm.  It’s been some time since Jolie has played the Bay Area, so expect these shows to sell out.

A lot of American voices fight for space in Jolie Holland’s throat. It’s not just that you hear reminders of specific singers. (Billie Holiday is one.) You also hear generalized regional dialects and flashes of musical tradition — blues, jazz, folk, Tin Pan Alley — all melted together.  Her songs are about love and jealousy, traveling and exhaustion, desire and loss. They’re rampant with beautiful losers… There’s an old and durable American myth being served in Ms. Holland’s persona: the folk singer who’s from everywhere and nowhere.   -  BEN RATLIFF, March 16, 2009