Café Royale

Venue: Café Royale

Time: 7-9:30, Jul 15, 2012

Address: 800 post st @ leavenworth, san francisco, ca, 94109, us

One of our favorite places to play: a tiny hole-in-the-wall in the “Tendernob” — a neighborhood bar in an area you don’t usually think of as a neighborhood, just a bunch of blocks you drive through to get to or from downtown. But you walk in, are greeted warmly by the bartender and get a friendly nod from the people shooting pool — it’s like a more convivial living room than many of the neighbors might have in their own apartments. They have great beers, fine wines, and so-so food (but there’s plenty of terrific restaurants a block or two in any direction). And their entertainment calendar reflects the owners’ actual tastes, not just trying to cash in on current trends — where else can you hear the free jazz improvisations of Phillip Greenlief’s Lost Trio, the soulfully out-of-fashion country ballads of Maurice Tani’s El Deora 77, or … well, us?