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Radio Valencia

Written by: Tango No. 9

Radio Valencia, the second album from Tango No. 9, is a tribute to the romantic history of tango. A departure from their roots in modern tango nuevo, this recording features a vibrant selection of well-loved classics and unknown gems, as well as a new composition written for the group by Argentine composer, Alejandro Oyuela.

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Produced by Catharine Clune & Tango No. 9.
Original arrangements by Tango No. 9.

Recorded & mixed 9/2005 – 3/2006 by Eli Crews at New, Improved Recording; Oakland, CA.
Mastered by Ken Lee at Ken Lee Mastering; Oakland, CA.

Band photography by Joe Niem. “Firetruck Crash” photo by Liz Hafalia/SF Chronicle.
Art by Dorab Wolfherring at SPILLHOUSE.


On our second album, we’ve turned from the revolutionary paths blazed by Astor Piazzolla (and attempted by us on the first Tango No. 9 album, ‘All Them Cats in Recoleta’), for a look back - with fondness, humility, and nostalgia - to some of the classic pieces that form the foundation of tango. “Standards”, if you will…some well known, and some less so.

Nostalgia also describes our feelings when we look back at our album’s namesake, the café in San Francisco’s Mission District where – in two years of Saturday night sessions – we took our first fumbling steps and fell in love with tango …and where a kind man named Alejandro Oyuela found his own nostalgia, his own love. Now a great friend and collaborator, Alejandro returns the favor with a lovely composition that gives our album its title song.

We hope you enjoy the music.


Many thanks to: all the dancers, including Christy Cote & Darren Lees, Chelsea Eng & Gregory Phillips, Debbie Goodwin & Pier Volkas, Tango Con*Fusión, Nirmala Dillman & Gary Weinberg, David & Nancy Mendoza, Moti Moses Buchboot, Gustavo & Jesica Hornos, James & Leena & the Bay Area Tango Association. All the bookers and venues, including Sol at Amnesia, Larry Kassin at Noe Valley Ministry, the Monte Cristo Club, Othilia at the Metronome, Van Kleef’s, and of course Don at RV, RIP. All the media folk, including Sep Ghadishah, Larry Kelp, Derk Richardson, Sedge Thomson and Kathi Kamen Goldmark.

Extra special thanks to Eli for making it sound so good, and Alejandro and Gigi for sounding so good.

Catharine thanks Rumsey, Mitchel and K. Elijah Estuardo; K. Elijah thanks Andrea Byers. Rumsey thanks Poodle Lynn. Isabel thanks Dan Cantrell, Manuel de Sevilla, and Jason Ditzian. Greg thanks his Dad for starting him on the right instrument. Joshua thanks Juliana Grenzeback and, as always, Reed Kirk Rahlmann.

“Radio Valencia”

Words and music by Alejandro Oyuela

Atrapado en San Francisco
Me resigno y no resisto
El rumor de la bahía
Me acongoja el corazón
El Tango Número Nueve
Me consuela y me conmueve
El sonido de sus notas
En el triste bandoneón
Radio Valencia, pegadito a La Misión
Radio Valencia, cafetín, bar, bodegón
Ahí fue que yo me enamoré
De la ñata de mi flor
Ahí en el Radio Valencia,
Tangos y noches de amor...
Solitario y peregrino
Melancólico Argentino
Oigo un fueye que resonga
Con eglógica pasión
El destino así lo quiere
Que Tango Número Nueve
Traiga un eco de mi tierra
Con violín, piano y trombón
Radio Valencia, pegadito a La Misión
Feeling trapped in San Francisco
I give up, I don’t resist it
The murmur of the bay
Looms heavy over my heart
Tango Number Nine
Brings me peace and consolation
As I hear the music playing
By the sorrowful bandoneón
Radio Valencia, right next to The Mission
Radio Valencia, coffee shop, bar, canteen
There it was, that I fell in love
With my dearest sweet heart
There at Radio Valencia,
Nights of tango, nights of love...
Solitary pilgrim
Melancholy Argentine
I hear the bellows moaning
With bucolic passion
Destiny brings me
To Tango Number Nine
Playing echoes of my far away land
With violin, piano and trombone
Radio Valencia, right next to The Mission