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All Them Cats in Recoleta

Written by: Tango No. 9

All Them Cats in Recoleta — vintage Piazzolla, their critically acclaimed first release, (Link to Reviews) is a tribute to the father of modern tango, Astor Piazzolla, taking a look at the point were tango and jazz traditions meet. The tunes are tango nuevo, exploratory, open-hearted and freely accepting the influences of jazz, trying to be true to the original feeling, retracing the master’s footsteps, yet bringing a fresh perspective to this passionate music.


Catharine Clune – violin
Odile Lavault – bandoneon
Greg Stephens – trombone
Joshua Raoul Brody – piano

All compositions Astor Piazzolla, except as noted
Produced by Catharine Clune and Tango No. 9
Recorded and Mixed by Oliver Di Cicco at Mobius
Mastered by Ken Lee at Ken Lee Mastering

And now a word from our sponsor…

This is a recording of mostly Piazzolla compositions, mostly from the mid 1950s, mostly composed in Paris, mostly representing his early notions of ‘tango nuevo’. And certainly, we’ve tried to add our own bits of love to them as well … the trombone, the jazzy feel in the arrangements….

Whew. OK … elevator pitch aside, the first time I heard Astor Piazzolla’s music, I couldn’t believe my ears. As I listened, my heart opened to what I have come to understand – in a small way – as tango. The compositions we’re doing here are Piazzolla’s earliest ‘out’ pieces… the ones that made him split Buenos Aires for Paris to (ultimately, eventually) concentrate on them. Like the boppers in the 40’s, Piazzolla is beginning to see a new road with these tunes…. It ain’t just about dance anymore. Check out the wonderful commentary by Carlos Suarez, poet & friend, for his always special perspective on this interesting correlation. Jazz and Tango? But of course! Right, Carlos!?

Also included are one piece by Troilo, “La Ultima Curda” (‘The Final Binge’, more or less, though it’s hard to translate), because we love it so, and “Adios Nonino”, the beautiful Piazzolla standard, because what’s a Piazzolla tribute without it, eh?

As for the title, there really ARE a ton of cats in Recoleta, I was amazed & lucky to find out.

We have come to know and love these pieces… they’ve touched our hearts… opened our minds to the vast and passionate world of tango… which we are only beginning to understand and appreciate.

We hope you enjoy the music.

Catharine Clune


Extra special thanks to: Alla Gladysheva

Many thanks to: Astor Piazzolla, Anibal Troilo, Horacio Salgan, Oscar De Lio, Mirta Israel & Miguel Arios, Dorab @ SPILLHOUSE, Giotto Harrison @ Babyface, John & Michael @ Bruno’s / Foreign Cinema, Don of the late, great Radio Valencia, Cori Chill @ PRP, Carlos Suarez, Tracy Landsman, los dos Joses (Navarrete & Maria Francos), David & Nancy Stevens Mendoza, Mark Wyman, Ron Borelli, Tom Yoder, Christie Cote, Pamela McCleave, Phillip Greenlief, Alejandro Oyuela, Bocha Lopez, Cara Manning, Pablo Aslan, George Gunnell, Myles Boisen, Steve Kirk, Bob Kissinger, Nadine Condon, Big Lou, Charles & Lori, Josh ‘setlist’ Pollock, Kat Eiswald, Dad (our biggest fan), Diana Alden Lang (our biggest agent), Juliana Grenzeback (our most persistent audience developer), and, as always, Reed Kirk Rahlmann.

Art by Dorab Wolfherring at SPILLHOUSE.

Back cover band photo by George Gunnell.